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Walk In Wardrobes Vs Built In Wardrobes Sunshine Coast

What’s the best choice for your space – a luxe walk in wardrobe or a simply practical built in wardrobe?  Our cabinetmaker has created dozens of beautiful storage solutions here on the Sunshine Coast.  We are always asked about options for bedroom renovations that help make the most of the Sunny Coast lifestyle while pleasing the local property market.  It’s vital to make sure your bedroom renovations tick every box.  So here’s our insider tips on built in and walk in wardrobes Sunshine Coast.

walk in wardrobe sunshine coast

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Built in vs walk in – it’s all about the space

The first step in planning a bedroom renovation is to look at the current use of the space. Installing a walk in wardrobe is the number one bedroom renovation request here on the Sunshine Coast because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by fab clothes and shoes.  Pride of placement for your favourite things is a big temptation for any self-respecting fashionista!  It can however, be a bad investment if you don’t have the correct space.  Do not sacrifice your everyday living space for a spectacular walk in wardrobe.   On the Sunshine Coast, we’ve seen a lot of amazing walk in wardrobe and en suite conversions where a second bedroom has been commandeered to create the new space. This is the ideal way to make yourself a wow factor wardrobe.  If you’re converting space in a master bedroom though, follow these rules:


  1. Make sure your living space is still very comfortable
  2. Plan how much space you actually need for your wardrobe – a place for everything and everything in its place. If you don’t have enough to fill a walk in space, then opt for a stylish built in instead.
  3. Consider how the light and airiness of the room will be affected by changing the space.  Don’t sacrifice light or view for storage!
  4. Consider how much walk in space you need. Will you dress in the wardrobe?  If so, you’ll need enough space for light to make its way in.  You’ll need room for a mirror and even perhaps a dressing table.  Walk in wardrobes are NOT a place to apply make up – if you plan to use it as a dressing room, you may need natural light and the services of a reputable electrician.
  5. Is it his and hers?  In theory, of course it’s his and hers!  In practice, the walk in wardrobe is often… hers.  Budgeting the space for the person most likely to use the wardrobe is important.  If one person needs a lot more space than the other, make sure that the walk in wardrobe is planned accordingly.
  6. The scrunched up stuff on the floor… it happens to the best of us.  Your walk in wardrobe is a new “room” in your house.  So you don’t want it to become an unsightly mess.  This means keeping practical ideas in mind for managing laundry (both clean and ready to be put away), dry-cleaning, hanging spaces for fiddly items like ties etc.  A walk in wardrobe may feel like a lovely luxury item but it’s also a very practical one!  Don’t sacrifice substance for style or you’ll end up with a room you never want to enter.

walk in wardrobe sunshine coast

Built in wardrobes for master bedrooms and kids rooms

Built in wardrobes are more economical on both space and budget!  The issue with built in wardrobes for kids’ rooms (or for cluttered master bedrooms) is that they must be carefully planned to have the right amount of space.  Too much space and you’ll find that your kids are dumping anything and everything into the wardrobe and you won’t be able to get the draws open.  Not enough space and you’ll end up with clutter everywhere.  Planning a built in wardrobe means planning for space needs now and in the future.  To ensure you get the best results, include your children in the planning – ask them how they’d like to use the wardrobe, what can go in there and what they prefer to display in their rooms.  What storage they need now and what they will need as their sporting and play commitments change. Consider what needs to be accessible to them easily and what can be “put up”.  You don’t want to spend the rest of your life finding their socks for them because the draws are too high or too difficult to access!  Again, the laundry.  Every kid. Everywhere. Generates SO MUCH LAUNDRY.   Make sure that your child’s built in wardrobe has an easy-peasy way to manage the never-ending tide of laundry or they’ll simply not use your system!

Built in Wardrobe Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Bedroom Renovations for Apartments and Houses

Whether you’re in a Mooloolaba apartment with limited space or a spacious home in Noosa, planning your bedroom renovation is all about making the most of your space.  If you don’t, you not only risk a bad renovation, you risk decreasing the value of your home or apartment.  It’s vital to talk to a cabinetmarker who understands not only luxe renovations, but also the Sunshine Coast property market.  Always choose a local, Sunshine Coast cabinetmaker to work on your project.  There’s a reason we all live in this magnificent part of the world, we understand how it’s like no other place on Earth.  Knowing the light, the landscape and the market are all vital to planning any renovation – talk to us, we’re locals too.

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